Minimalist Stochastic Bayesian


While you are reading this article, you are definitely paying “attention” to the text right in front of you which is coming from a latent attentive behavior triggered by a need for a specific type of information. Your eyes are focusing on certain text in front of you and you…


While we think, it's about using networks to solve worldly problems and call it AI. Extrapolating the networks of networks to solve all the problems in the world is an endless sheet which humans will keep on stitching since there is no upper bound on the intelligence, something which has…

Continuing on to another fascinating theory in the field of Neuroscience, Bayesian Brain Hypothesis. As we all are aware of the fact Bayesian Statistics in the Probabilistic methodology to update belief with evidence using conditional probability on your priors. It shouldn’t be a Brainer to expect a theory extrapolating the…

Amit Singh Bhatti

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