A human cognitive imitation Engine— OpenCog


Being able to perform a pool of task comparative to humans and then being able to understand, apply imagination and creativity in novel situation to be able to respond using prior knowledge is what defines “human observable intelligence”.

Hierarchy of intelligence

What is wrong with Pure DL Systems?

What is AGI?

Approaches Towards AGI

Cogprime Hybrid Graph

What is OpenCog?

The previous attempts at solving this problem have been best made by the Stan Franklin in the Consciousness is computational: The LIDA model of global workspace theory. Joscha Bach, in the principle of Sythetic intelligence. The paper concluded that the conscious (as well as the non-conscious) aspects of human thinking, planning and perception are produced by adaptive, biological algorithms. We propose that machine consciousness may be produced by similar adaptive algorithms running on the machine. — Global Workspace Theory

In the end note, I would say, I don’t think there is something called as general intelligence, because we cannot generalise the cognitive abilities for N dimensions while the human perception system understands only three dimensions. The understanding of our intelligence is not the universal intelligence, so whatever we build is human centric intelligent and not general intelligence, calling these systems to be Human general intelligence would be justified.




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