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  • Shanon Hong

    Shanon Hong

    another AI enthusiast | Postgraduate Student

  • Robert Lange

    Robert Lange

    Deep RL PhD Student@TU Berlin. Intelligence. ✍️ Support my writing: https://medium.com/@RobertTLange/membership

  • Dimitris Poulopoulos

    Dimitris Poulopoulos

    Machine Learning Engineer. I talk about AI, MLOps, and Python programming. More about me: www.dimpo.me

  • Walid Saba, PhD

    Walid Saba, PhD

    Principal AI Scientist, ONTOLOGIK.AI

  • Kaustubh N

    Kaustubh N

    Tinkerer, Machine Learning, Technology and Passion. Figuring out life!

  • Thomas Nield

    Thomas Nield

    Author of Getting Started with SQL (O’Reilly) and Learning RxJava (Packt) SITE: https://www.nieldconsultinggroup.com/

  • Arthur Ouaknine

    Arthur Ouaknine

    PhD Student at Telecom ParisTech and valeo.ai — Deep Learning enthusiast

  • Jonathan Hui

    Jonathan Hui

    Deep Learning

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